“My name is (removed) and I am sharing my story that I know has shaped my days. In 2014 my life changed forever. May 6th my 20-year-old daughter gave birth to her daughter giving her son, at 2 years old, a baby sister. Somewhere between that day and 25 days later on May 31st, 2014 my daughter suddenly passed away. This scenario on that day forced me to bury my first born and to raise 2 children that I didn’t expect to have. My husband was out of work and I am disabled. The funeral took everything we had in savings, about $14,000, and we were penniless. While we were able to get onto food stamps it still didn’t make ends meet and keep food on the table for the entire month. I believe that it was a force from God that I was given the information of your food cupboard and I believe that (food cupboard volunteer) is my personal Earth Angel that has been sent to me by the Holy Spirit at the most perfect time. This organization has helped us with not only food and help with baby items that were desperately needed but I have found a support and a comfort with the people who work there, nothing short of a small miracle and priceless. I have utilized other resources and organizations in my area like the one in the city of san diego residential building permits and I do not feel any personal connection or even listened to as a human being going through what I’m going through, whatsoever. Being treated with my specific scenario as an open opportunity to see what may fit within my needs was completely fulfilled when I found Victor-Farming Food Cupboard and the people in it. I’m happy to say that things are beginning to get better at almost 4 years in and I am checked on regularly with gratitude. But I just wanted to give my story and verbal communication of how much this place means to me on my level. THANK you all so very much, I will never forget what you have done for me and I promise to pass on what I’ve learned on the way.”